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Stargazing for beginners at Kielder Camp Site. An informal two night event where, weather permitting, you can observe the stars. October 25th & 27th 2024. Booking essential via our events page booking system [Link below]. 


Please ensure you add the astronomers fee to your booking. Without it, any booking is not valid.

Click here to book for the Peoples Star Party

Prices for your booking depends on the pitch or style of accommodation booked.


To avoid disrupting the event, please do your best to arrive before 7.00pm.

Our weekend itinerary

Friday: 7.00pm at the warm room on Kielder Campsite.

Welcome “Meet and Greet” with your hosting astronomers in the car park next to the warm room.

Stargazing if clear - from 8 until midnight.


Solar observing during the day given blue skies.Stayngazelarger

7-12 midnight Stargazing if clear.

We are looking forward to meeting everyone at this popular sparkling event. We'll have plenty of equipment on hand, but please do bring along your own binoculars and telescope if you have them. Remember to bring a torch - one that can switch to red light is much better for astronomy as it's kinder on night vision. One like this is fine:

Staying warm is important so remember to dress in layers. We also have the warm room open 24/7. Don't forget to bring sturdy footwear. If you want to take a picture of the night sky and you have a camera, we'll try to help you.

The astronomers for our event are:

Richard Darn, Rob Ince, Stuart Atkinson

They will be camping alongside you.

Clear skies!

How about visiting the "Go Stargazing" website for other events?

Telescopes reduced

This will be our 9th annual event.

After eight brilliant events our experienced astronomers Richard Darn, Rob Ince and Stuart Atkinson will once again be inviting beginners to experience Kielder's magnificent starry sky. See galaxies millions of light years away, gaze at the Milky Way, spot shooting stars and find out how to use telescopes. Viewing both nights when the sky clears and we'll also have colourful free talks and solar observing. We will provide telescopes and expert guidance, feel free to bring your own equipment too and cameras with a tripod. Remember to use red lights if possible rather than white torches so we maintain our night vision and enjoy the heavens above. For more information on Richard and Rob, night-sky podcasts and calendar of astro events check out:

Stu14.16 reducedOn top of all this there will be practical sessions on astro-photography for beginners.

Orion in the Kielder Sky. Photo, kind permission: Stu Atkinson Kielder Star Camp October 18.

If you are wishing to attend we have some advice gleaned from our previous events:

We request visitors plan to arrive no later than 7.00 pm. If practical, can you take time off work to ensure this time frame?  The event starts at this time and tends to be disrupted by vehicle movement and lights.

This is not a Kielder Observatory event. This is an independently run weekend at Kielder Campsite by visiting astronomers.

If you wish to attend be aware it is a two day event and payment is in full using our booking system. [Terms and conditions apply]

Pitching fee for your selected accommodation. [Prices and availability found on our booking page]

Each booking incurs an astronomers fee of £20.00 per adult. £15.00 per child. 5-16 years old.

The event tends to start at approximately 7.00pm on the Friday with a brief intro from the event organisers, Richard and Rob. This is an event for the young, old, bold and novice. Feel free to ask questions throughout the event and dip in and out of the observing. No need to stay and gaze all the time.

The day time is your time; explore the local area or just relax. Weather permitting there will be solar observing.

Any further questions or info be sure to e-mail the campsite. E-mail can be found on our homepage.