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Do you stay open all year?

We do not stay open all year.

We have a privately booked period: 9th - 15th October inclusive where an organised stargazing group take over the site. Due to light restrictions and being a private event, the site is not accessable to the public.

The site closes to the general public on 19th October. Our People's Star Party commenced on the weekend 20th - 22nd October.

We re-open bookings for the 2024 season on 1st Feb 2024 [At about 0900.....ish]

I have a Kielder Discovery Pass, do I get discount, if so, how do I book?

We offer a generous 15% discount to all discovery pass visitors, with further bonuses after three visits. For further updates use this link: Kielder Discovery Pass link-click here.

I have a vehicle I use to sleep in, not a tent. Can I do this?

We request that you book and use a hardstand.without electric hook up.Vehicles are not to assume they can park on the grass after booking a tent pitch.

I have a roof tent on a vehicle. What pitch do I select?

We request that you book and use a hardstand.without electric hook up.Vehicles are not to assume they can park on the grass after booking a tent pitch.

I can't get to your site before 7.00pm, is that a problem?

It can be if the site manager is unaware. E-mail your intentions if possible and we'll go from there. If you have been out of reach and arrive late, ensure you read the pitching information on the site office door prior to setting up. Failure to pitch in the correct area or parking on the grass may incur the wrath of a thousand beasts. You could be banished from Kielder to a dark place for an eternity. [In a nutshell: you'd have to shift if you were in the wrong place.]

Can we use a generator on site.

No, not at any time.


This information is reliant on a number of factors, we are giving you what normally occurs in this region: Midges are active from the end of May through to early September. Weather plays an important part in their activity. A midge does not enjoy: Wind, cold, extreme heat or heat from a hot sunny day. They will become active if it is warm, moist, overcast or no breeze. They are prevalent when the sun starts to set and in the morning....before I forget and all through the night.

Midges reside in the grass and undergrowth all around the Kielder area along with other parts of the UK. We strongly advise not to stay during these dates if you have any medical or emotional concerns. It is not up to site staff to inform you on midge forecasts or preferred pitches. Our 'prior to arrival' e-mail informs all guests about our 'resident beasties'.

Does the area accept card?

Kielder campsite and Kielder Waterside and all information centres accept chip and pin/contactless payments. There is no cashback opportunities. The local Post Office can supply cash from a UK bank account, using a chip and pin card. [Local Post Office hours apply]

I'm going to the observatory. Can I return late to your site?

We do not have any access restrictions to our site. Late arrivals to our site must drive slowly and reduce all noise accordingly. For example, not slamming car doors and talking loudly. Sound carries on our site at night. For tented visitors who wish to return after the observatory, please inform the Manager who will show you the late night car parking area. This is for late night departure as well as your return.

Do all of your hardstands have electric?

Most of them do, subject to availability. However we have a dedicated hardstand area that supports vehicles not requiring electric hook up.

Can I use a fire-firepit-firebowl on your site?

Provided the firebowl/firepit is high enough off the ground not to damage our site, then yes. We ask you to act responsibly around it. Kielder General Store can supply logs and firebowls or barbeques. [9-5 hours, closed on a Tuesday] Do not cut trees down from the surrounding area. Do not leave the fire unattended.

Where can I charge my electric vehicle?

We do not allow vehicles to charge on our site. Our electric charges are very high....end of. The village has an excellent EV charging point opposite the village school. Follow the link to view: