Back to the 80s

The area has a number of significant attributes that many find irresistible. Be warned, this place really is not for everyone.

Europe's largest Reservoir: fishing from the bank or in a boat, a ferry, the views, a circular shared trail for foot, hoof or cycle can be utilised. Not for the faint hearted, it's 26 miles in total, with no short cut! If you are interested in a little gander try the Kielder Marathon, Kielder Night Run or the Kielder Water Swim.

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So you're going to Kielder are you... what about the midgies? (Part one)

Whilst I have been known to stand my ground against the odd brown bear whilst in the Rockies or to stare down a troublesome tiger in Bengal, one beastie I will have nothing to do with is the Kielder Midge.

Hanging around in swarms these little tinkers will have you pleading for mercy within a matter of minutes.  However, I will let you into a little secret.

Are you ready? You may wish to sit down.

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What a few others have to say...

So there I am slaving away during our [Brief?] summer, unable to put finger to keyboard without a phone ringing or a cup of tea distracting my budding career in procrastination. Rather than try to do any blogging in the summer I felt it better to take the pressure off and save my blogging for later.

And then I did it, I really did. I thought of a cunning ruse! I was amazed at the simplicity of it.....I will get other people to tell me, and the world, just how amazing Kielder was. And not just Kielder, but Kielder Campsite to boot.

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