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I would like a quiet pitch please. Which one is best?

The site is promoted as a small yet quiet site. All pitches are quiet. Due to it's longitudinal shape there are no 'out of the way' or 'tucked in the corner' locations. There are no pitches 'under the trees'.

I want to pitch my tent with my friend please.

The tent pitching area is a large area of grass with a track running through it, no formal pitching plan. [See the site map found on our webpage] The visitor selects their part of the grass. Work it out amongst yourselves, if one arrives early....bagsie a bit of grass nearby and use one of our reserved signs, held outside the office, to secure your friends pitch. Numbers of tents or people need to be aware of our noise/group booking policy. Anti-social behaviour or noise after 10.00pm will not be tolerated during your stay.

I have a tent and want to stay next to my friend who has a motorhome.

This is a judgement call from the manager and depends on how busy the site is. It is not a given. We are not too keen on this occurring having caused friction in the past. A discussion prior to booking is required.

Do you have electric hook up for tents?

We only have two hook ups for tents. These are booked as a separate pitch on our booking page. If you do not see electric hook up for tent offered, then they are fully booked.

Do all or just the large tent pitches come with electric?

We only have the two electric hook up points, these must be booked as well as the tent you are staying in. subject to availability and ground conditions.