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Where can I eat locally?

Kielder Castle and Cafe Street Diner: this take away offers excellent street food outside the gates of Kielder Castle; not forgetting their fantastic Fishy Friday Scampi, Fish, Chips + extra's. Check out their menu board for details. This is a take away, no delivery service outside Kielder Castle.  For more details go to their FB page: Street Diner FB page.  Current opening hours are Wednesday - Sunday 9.30 am - 4.30 pm.

Anglers Arms Pub: Situated ten minutes walk, through the campsite, towards Kielder Castle the Anglers offers beer, wine, spirits and serving food from midday until 8.00pm. Takeaway offered, no delivery, from 5.00pm until 8.00pm. Current closure is appoximately 10.00pm. Track and trace required, table service only. For bookings phone: 01434 250230.

Can I bring a Barbecue?

Any barbecue off the floor that will not damage the ground is fine. Please use disposable barbecues with care. Disposables are not to be used on our benches, wooden structures or directly on the grass. Use a slab, rock or the gravelled areas on site.

Always dispose of the used coals, hot or cold, in the metal bins next to our main refuse area. Or empty into the river running through the site. No contaminating products please, only ash/wood. If in doubt use the metal bins.

Can I use a Cobb Cooker?

By all means.

Do you sell Calor or Camping Gaz?

We have limited supplies and cannot guarantee stocks: this is subject to availability. Please contact us prior, if you can. Local stockists are quite a way off and are not available Bank Holidays or on a Sunday. Planning required! You must have a like for like empty before you can purchase the replacement gas.

What shops are in the area?

We have very little to offer in the local area. No off-licence and no local shops. Ensure you bring everything with you. Our most asked for items are consumbles: bread, milk & butter. We have an onsite freezer and fridge you can use. We suggest freezing such items, allowing them to defrost slowly, or if you are here for a while put them in our freezer and defrost the day before. Please make sure your items are sealed or secure before placing them in our communal fridge or freezer. Bags and a method of labelling is provided to assist.

Kielder Waterside has a small shop at reception with limited stock.

The nearest shops: Bellingham - 30 min drive. Newcastleton - 30 min drive. Both have small supermarkets and village butchers. Not 24 hours, please check village websites for details.

Bellingham links:

Co-op.   Bellingham Craft Butcher. Bellingham Hardware and Country Store.

Newcastleton links:

Directory of all outlets in Newcastleton.

Can I get an online shop delivered to the site?

Yes. Asda and Tesco will deliver. We take no responsibility for your orders. This is an arrangement between you and your retail provider. Ensure you bring supplies to feed your group/family if the delivery arrives late or there is an issue.

Can I order a takeaway?

Yes, we have a limited service from the Anglers Arms. They are currently serving food for takeaway at the following times: 5.00pm - 8.00pm Mon - Sat. Sunday is currently just Sunday Dinners. [Give them a call to check]  Bellingham, 20 miles away, has a chinese takeaway. Perhaps a good idea to visit on the way if you are arriving late. Please do a Google check for their opening times.

Where can I travel to eat out?

Find below our closest eateries currently available. Early booking essential, a few small establishments with a large catchment area. During peak times you will need to book early, by early we mean days in advance, not hours.

Scotland is just 3 miles away, see what they have to offer:

The Grapes Hotel - Newcastleton

The Liddesdale Hotel - Newcastleton

And back into England:

The Blackcock Inn

The Pheasant Inn

The Boe Rigg