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Our newest editions are two family pods, with no change to the fact that they are warm sheds with a carpet, lights and power.

If you try to book and a pod does not appear on our booking list it means it is fully booked for the date or one of the days selected.

Family pods have a minimum stay of two nights.  Bank Holidays are a minimum of three nights minimum stay, arriving on the Friday night. Family pods cost £70.00 per pod, per night and can comfortably sleep up to three adults or two adults with two children.

We do allow well-behaved dogs in our pods. (In accordance with our terms and conditions.) We ask for dog owners to bring a mat or bed for your pet to sleep on.

The internal floor space is 5m by 2.7m; there are no raised platforms, beds, mattresses, galley or furniture. You are in the equivalent of a wooden tent, with underfloor heating, a carpet, three pin plug sockets, these include USB sockets. For safety reasons, the plugs are a low amp rating, unable to power a microwave or other high amp rated equipment. We advise you to bring camping kettles, not the kettle from your kitchen.

Bring your sleeping and cooking kit as if you are camping*. Be ready in minutes to enjoy the natural beauty nearby or just to......kick back and relax. Cook on the boarded area in front of the pod with a stove or use the BBQ stands situated in front of your pod. No BBQ's or fires on the wooden decking or veranda area.

Due to the danger of fire and and chargeable wax damage, we must ask for candles to be placed on the receptacles provided.    

As with all camping trips we advise you to bring sleeping mats and suitable sleeping systems to suit the time of the year.*

If you are unsure as to the suitability of your equipment during cool times of the year, be sure to e-mail or phone for advice.

Arrival time for our pods is from 2.00pm until 7.00pm on the day of hire**. (Arrivals out of these hours must be discussed and agreed with the manager at the earliest opportunity.)

There will be a £10.00 charge for non-return or loss of a pod key. We reserve the right to charge for pods left in an unfit state for the next visitor.

* Sleeping bags/duvets/blankets/camp bed,cooker, fuel and utensils.

**Please note that a manager may not be available when you arrive. Particularly during quieter periods of the season. The pod will be accessible with clear directions on the warden's office noticeboard. There is an information sheet inside each pod.

Please vacate by 11.00am on the day of departure.