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Distance from Kielder campsite: Half a mile. 15min walk, 5 mins by cycle.

Duration of visit: Minimum of half a day.

Ordnance Survey Grid Ref: (Start of Lakeside Way South Shore.) NY 63030 92674

The South Shore of Kielder Reservoir. This shared trail runs parallel to the road as well as the reservoir. It finishes at Kielder Dam, you can travel to Falstone Village and sample it's rustic delights or continue along the North Shore back to Kielder, visiting Art and Architecture along the way.

The distance to the Dam is 13 miles, ensure you are sufficiently equipped for our changing weather and for any food or drink requirements. Whilst there are a number of establishments to supply food or drink these are widely spaced out. A bottle of fluids and a snack are highly recommended!

The route itself is excellent for hoof, cycle, foot and is wheelchair friendly. There are hills. There are leaflets and maps available: free download, with a map of the route and other attractions. Click on the link, you'll find a number of free downloads that will assist you greatly in exploring Kielder and it's expanse. Visit Kielder, plus map downloads.



Walk or cycle through the campsite passing the pub. On reaching the road just beyond the pub, Kielder Castle to your left, bridge to your right, turn right onto the bridge. Cross the bridge, taking care with traffic and as you approach the T junction look diagonally left 11 o'clock to see the sign for The Lakeside Way following the river. Take this and you will reach a road after approximately 500m. Look for the signpost pointing you to the South Shore. Note: when travelling on the South Shore route, the reservoir is on your left.