Kielder Observatory

The observatory is a pre-booked event. This can be done online or by phone:

Kielder Observatory

Phone number: 0191 265 5510.

The observatory is closed to access during the day, you can walk to it and around it. But not during scheduled events.

We are the closest site to the observatory.

It will take you 20 minutes to drive from site to the observatory car park.

1 hour to walk. 40 mins [Approx] to cycle, uphill.

After turning off the C200 main access road, the route to the observatory is via a forest track suitable for most vehicles. [This includes motorhomes and campers.] It is approximately a one and a half mile uphill drive to reach the observatory car park. Due to the Covid issue, we now lock our campsite gates in the evening; please ask the manager our policy with late night returns for booked customers.

On your return to site, please respect your neighbours: dip your lights, refreain from slamming car doors or loud voices please.

We have hosted observatory visitors for many years now. Find below a number of points you may wish to take into account:

  • When booking it is not always best practice to have a long drive to Kielder on the same night of the event.
  • Walking to the event is fine, it's the late night walk back that can be a bit of a chore.
  • It is advantagous to book two nights on the site, with the second night's stay being your planned observatory visit. The first night you settle in, allowing time to relax and enjoy the event next evening.
  • Remember that booking a summer holiday observatory event is not the darkest of nights.
  • We have a lot of rainfall here, hence the reservoir, rain requires clouds.

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