Q: Wild camping.....where can I go?

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A: Kielder Forest, along with the Kielder Water Forest Park does not allow wild camping. However...there are Backpacking sites you can visit.

These are monitored and controlled by the Forestry Commission at Eals Burn, Bellingham.

Here is a direct extract from the Visit Kielder site with regards Wild Camping:

Wild Camping

Wild camping in the forest is only permitted at designated ‘backpacking sites’. These sites are scattered around the forest, are not accessible by vehicle and offer a ‘back to basics’ adventure for visitors. Remote and away from it all, these sites are amazing places to stay to get up close to nature or experience the  dark skies of the forest. Backpacking sites are little more than open areas within the forest in which to camp, so don’t set off expecting the facilities of a standard campsite. You must bring in everything you require and take it all away with you when you depart. Portable stoves and Kelly kettles are permitted, but open fires are strictly prohibited. For information on the location of backpacking sites in the Kielder area and how to book your free pitch, contact Linda Scott on 0300 067 4200 or email kieldercastle@forestry.gsi.gov.uk