Dirty Reiver 2019



Kielder Campsite is a small village site, basic yet functional. We want you to leave having had an enjoyable Dirty Reiver experience.

Previous visitors....you know the score, see you soon.

New to the area? Please read on.......

Please don't turn up on the day with: "Any chance of a pitch mate?"  You will need to go elsewhere, we will be at our legal capacity.

The site is ideally situated for bike events held at Kielder Castle. A walk through the campsite will take you to:

  • The Anglers Arms: Village Pub a 5 minute walk.
  • Kielder Castle: Tea Rooms and the start and finish point. A 10 min walk, 5 minutes by bike.
  • The Bike Place: Bike hire and misc. accessory purchases. A 10 minute walk, near the castle.

[Opening times for the above businesses will be posted on site during the event.]

We always wish the best weather for any events, but Kielder just ain't like that! Please bring suitable equipment for the damp and cold.

Tips from previous DR events.

Sacrificial tarp: Buy a cheap tarp or two. Place one under your tent. You can use another for keeping kit off the ground if it's honking it down.

Suitable cold and wet weather kit for camping in: Too many visitors for events are focused on the event and pay the price when it comes to the camping. Don't forget you need a good nights sleep before and after. If you are staying, let it be a nice stay. Don't let 'bad admin' put you off.

Tent, pegs and poles: I mean, who'd forget these......? Check you have them all. Don't assume.

High Morale and hopeless optimism: We see a lot of this with these DR events. Please don't forget to pack it. Use it liberally and unashamedly during the event and whilst camping. The site can offer limited amounts of this. [Office hours only] However, this can turn to barbed sarcasm if you forget tents, bikes and big things like that.


Got a question? Check out our FAQ's below.




We offer a power-wash facility after the event. This will be positioned at the taps next to the ablutions.





We have had very little crime here, but don't give any weaselly thieves the opportunity.

Keep it locked.












I've looked on Northern Tepee's site, but can't find availability?

You can book using our webpage. Just use the booking calendar to the right. Two nights minimum stay, limited facilities. These are not on the campsite they are situated near Kielder Castle.

I'd like to set up early. What's the earliest I can arrive?

The site is available for the Dirty Reiver event from Thursday midday. You can arrive any time after midday Thursday 11th April 19. [Discounted rates still apply....now that's not too bad is it?]  For Friday 12th April 19 you can arrive anytime from 9.00am. Please take a note of our arriving late FAQ.

I cannot arrive before 9.00 pm. Will this be a problem?

I'm afraid it is a problem.

The site goes quiet very early as DR competitors get their heads down for the next day's event. Late arrivals disrupt this. We strongly advise taking time off work or rearranging agenda's. The site has no streetlights and is DARK. The site will be full; manoeuvring to find a position will be difficult and disruptive. Need we say any more?

Saying that, even the best laid plans go awry. If you breakdown, get caught in Friday PM traffic give us a ring and let us know. We will always assist on arrival where we can. If you reach answerphone always leave a message.

I've booked a one man tent, but I want to sleep in my car. I always sleep and cook from my car, it's got all my kit in.

We only offer hard standing sites for vehicles, you pay accordingly. Parking space on site is limited, this is not an ideal scenario. We cannot guarantee parking you near grass to cook or work from your vehicle.

Where is the nearest cash point?

All local establishments accept card payments. Payments under £10 tend to carry a small fee. Cash can be withdrawn from the local Post Office, you require a UK bank account and a chip and pin card. Trading hours only. No 24 hour access. However, if it has to be cash at horrible o'clock....Bellingham is the nearest cashpoint: 19 miles away.

My tent is damaged, do you sell one? If not, how far is the nearest camping shop.

We only hold limited equipment and spares. [Gaffer tape, tent pegs etc. No tent poles or fabric.] Nearest camping shop Millets in Hexham: 35 miles away.

I need some outdoor boots or wellies....do you sell them?

[Sarcasm alert] Of course we do...what size or colour would you like? Did you see the sign: Wellington Boot Emporium? No? It must have fallen over.

With no mobile service in the area. How do I contact friends and family?

The site has a payphone available 24/7. [999 calls are free] Phoning a mobile number proves very expensive, best to phone a landline. There is a limited wi fi service available around the site office. Pub offers limited wi fi too.

I'd like to stay until Monday morning. Can I do this?

Yes. However non discounted rates apply, Sunday can be booked when you book for the event.

If I transfer my Dirty Reiver entry to someone else, can they use my previously booked site pitch.

Yes. Just let us know the details via e-mail and we'll do the rest.



Tent pitches £6.00 per person per pitch.


Electrical hook up for tents. [We supply the box & electric, you bring the lead.] Please note: specialised commando socket fit, not a domestic three pin plug.

£5.00 Per night per pitch


Camper van, motor home or van hardstanding.

£16.00 per pitch with electric

£10.00 per pitch no electric


Touring caravan hard standing.

£16.00 per pitch with electric.

£10.00 per pitch no electric




Pods [4]

£40.00 per pod per night.

2 nights min stay.


Tepee prices for two nights.

For two persons: £125.00

For three persons £145.00

For four persons: £165.00

To book, use our calendar to the right.

Limited facilities. These Tepee's are situated near Kielder Castle.

Not at Kielder Campsite.