Dirty Reiver 2017


 The few pitches that were available have been booked. Full again. Capacity is now to the licence limit.


We request that you do not: 'turn up on the off chance'.  The site will be at it's legal capacity, you may be asked to turn around and find elsewhere.

The site is ideally situated for Bike events held at Kielder Castle. A walk through the campsite will take you to:

  • The Anglers Arms: Village Pub a 5 minute walk.
  • Kielder Castle: Tea Rooms and the start and finish point. A 10 min walk, 5 minutes by bike.
  • Kielder Village Store. Local shop for the basics. A 10 minute walk.
  • The Bike Place: Bike hire and misc. accessory purchases. A 10 minute walk, near the castle.

[Opening times for the above businesses will be posted on site during the event.]


We offer a power-wash facility after the event. This will be positioned at the taps next to the ablutions.






We have had very little crime here, but don't give any weaselly thieves the opportunity.

Keep it in sight and keep it locked.












   For an overview of our discounted rates and even MORE information click on 'Read more'.



Price per person: £5.00 per night.


Hardstanding: £15.00 per pitch per night.

With Electric:  £20.00 per pitch per night.

No parking on the grass: too soft.


Hardstanding: £15.00 per pitch per night.

With Electric:  £20.00 per pitch per night.

No parking on the grass: too soft.

 Sorry.....all fully booked.
 Fully booked too.


 Jon Clutterbuck of 'Cyclewright' will be on site itching to get his mitts on your bits.

Here he is in action: saving the day shortly before an event.

Pitching near a friend.

We are often asked if we can pitch someone with a friend or group. As previously mentioned we aim to achieve this......but!

The layout of the site: Motorhomes one end, tents another, hard-stands etc, do not allow this.The site has been set this way for varying reasons, one of them being....drainage.

Tents with tents......never a problem. Camper vans, caravans, mobile homes you posh buggers, need to be on a hardstanding only. Vehicles cannot park or drive on the grass, it's too soft*

So....your friend with tent, dependent on space and size of tent can pitch near your hardstand. [Weather dependent.....we can become quite swampy near the hard-stands...hence the site layout.]

The earlier you inform us the easier it is to plan. So by all means, send me an e-mail to request any preferences to:

kieldercampsite@btconnect.com  with the title: Pitching Request Dirty Reiver.

We cannot guarantee any requests as day to day requirements vary.

  *Except for 1976 when we became a hard baked desert, like most of the UK.