Q. No electric hook ups for tents?

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A: For a number of years we have suffered heavier rainfall and our allocated electric hook up field has been waterlogged for a good deal of the season. We have added hard standings serviced by electric hook ups to this field. Our plan is to find a better drained section to install electric hook ups on a grass pitch. Until that time we are limited with tent electric hook ups.



Q. No room for a large tent?

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A: You may find that the booking system does not have any availability for large tents, yet there are small tent spaces. The booking site will have had a number of large tents booking, we have to control numbers ensuring we don't overcrowd. Send an e-mail or phone and leave a message Click here. to the site explaining your predicament and we'll do our best to solve the issue.




Q. Grass pitches for camper vans, motorhomes or caravans?

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A: Regrettably we cannot allow any such vehicles to park, drive or stay on a grass pitch. The ground is far too soft. We have hard-stands, all serviced with electric hook up. Each hard-stand has room around it [Weather permitting] for awnings or attached tents. There is no charge for this once you have booked a hard-stand.  Clever so & so's who wish to book 'only with an awning for free' need not apply.




Q. How far is the observatory. Can I get a taxi there?

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A: We are a short drive from the observatory. Local map can be found at the bottom of this webpage: Local Map at bottom of page. It takes approximately five minutes to get to the lower car park where the gate may be down restricting access to the observatory. Do not worry, this is always opened by a member of staff in a timely manner. It will take approximately 10- 15 minutes to drive to the upper car park which is right next to the observatory. There is no local taxi to take you to the observatory unless you pre-book and discuss rates. [Nearest taxi firm, if available, is 19 miles away]

Tarset Valley Taxi: 01434 240835 or 07711 400152

Bellingham Taxi: 01434 220570

Q. I seem to be able to only add two children when I book.

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A: The system defaults to two children per pitch. Don't worry as we don't charge per person. We do ask that you inform us via e-mail after booking if you are bringing any extra children.

Q. Can I get maps of the area? Or do I buy at home?

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A: There are a number of options for you and most are free. Visit Kielder Website: Click to view. Has an excellent selection of maps to download and print for free. The Tea Rooms and local Bike Hire shop, both at Kielder Castle, sell Ordnance Survey Maps. Phone to confirm before you leave and support the local community. [See our Things To Do page for web-links] There are more local maps to download on our Things to do page too. Please read our advice on walking and cycling. Enjoy!

Q. Booking an item...but it won't show up.

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A: If you are looking to book something and it does not show up on the booking page, it may be fully booked. This can happen with pods, electric hook up for tents or our static caravans as we only have a few. During busy periods hardstandings and tent pitches can also be fully booked. You will regrettably need to book another date or have a re-think. We'll gladly confirm if you send us an e-mail.

Q. The area has no mobile signal. How do I inform anyone that I have arrived safely?

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A: There is a payphone situated centrally on site near the ablutions. This can be used to make calls out and it accepts incoming calls too. Standard rates apply for landlines. Calls to mobile numbers are charged at significantly higher rates. (We have no control over this charge)

Q. I'm going to the observatory and will be returning back to site late. Will I have any problems getting back onto site?

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A: The site is accessible 24/7. No access restrictions apply.

Q. I've just booked to stay on your site, have filled in my card details and the invoice informs me 'no payment has been made'. I've just checked my account and the money has not been taken. Am I booked?

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A:  You are booked, the e-mail confirmation is all you need. The booking will be processed within 48 hours, payment taken manually by campsite management.

Q. I own a dog, can I bring him and what is the charge?

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A: The site, village pub and local tea rooms are dog friendly. [All dogs on a lead at all times please] Our pods too are dog friendly. Our only restrictions are: static caravans do not allow any pets inside at any time and within the ablutions.

Q. How near am I to the reservoir?

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A: You can walk or cycle through the village to get to the reservoir. It will take approximately 15 minutes to walk and 5 minutes to cycle. You will be at the northern tip of the reservoir. You have a choice of North Shore or South Shore to explore.